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Jon is a specialist in working on and off set with actors, directors, writers, and producers. His< experience in the industry and his coaching style, allow for a positive experience that is fun and effective.

Hand Inserts
If a production schedule doesn’t permit the actor to actually learn sleight of hand required, Jon can come in seamlessly to do a hand insert and make the actor look like a sleight of hand expert.

Consulting Division
Magic, Sleight of Hand, Mentalism, and Innovative Consulting – For TV, Film, Stage, Theme Park and Other Types of Productions

Jon is one of Hollywood’s most requested and respected consultants. His vast experience and innovative work has been valuable for Film, TV, and Stage productions, as well as theme parks the world over. Jon typically will meet with the creative and production teams in order to analyze what is truly needed for the project to be a success. Then Jon uses his twenty years of experience to create custom magic, illusions, and problem solving ideas to bring the productions team’s vision to life.

Act & Show Consultation: Magic Consulting for Professional Magicians
If you are a professional magician that wants to add new material or improve their performance, this is designed specifically for you. Jon will use his experience and expertise to help develop your show and your skill. These sessions are specifically developed for each unique performer and provide critical feedback for creating an excellent show. Jon Armstrong will personally work side by side with you to bring out your best.

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